Transposition of Directives and Infringement procedures

Flanders has to transpose the European Directives that pertain to its competences in the Flemish law system (via a transposition act or decree).

When a Member State neglects to respect the EU Law, the European Commission can initiate a treaty violation procedure against that Member State. A violation of the European law occurs when Directives are not transposed, are transposed too late or incorrectly or when other sources of European law (such as treaties, regulations and decrees) are not applied correctly. 

Violations of the European law by the Flemish authorities can lead to a conviction of Belgium by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg with possible penalties or fines as a result.

The Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs coordinates the transposition of European Directives at the Flemish level.   This task is stipulated in Circular 2016/41/ VR  (only in Dutch) on the coordination of the transposition of European legislation and the measures within the framework of infringement procedures. The Department of Foreign Affairs also keeps a record of the guidelines which require transposition into Flemish law. These lists are kept up to date with the cooperation of the policy coordinators EU regulation of the different Flemish policy areas and is published monthly in a report to the Government of Flanders (only available in Dutch).