The power of greenery in dark times

Project: The power of greenery in dark times

Beneficiary: Koninklijke Maatschappij voor Landbouw en Plantkunde

Amount: 108.716,13 euro

Duration: April 2016

Having been hosted at Flanders Expo for 26 years, the Floralies return to the Ghent city centre at no fewer than four separate locations this edition. Flower and plant aficionados are sure to go from surprise to surprise this spring.

The Floralies also feature a commemorative garden dedicated to the Great War Centenary, designed by ‘buro voor vrije ruimte’. The garden, which centres around the power of greenery in dark times (‘De kracht van groen in donkere tijden’), invites the visitor to reflect on war and suffering and on how green surroundings can help in coping with trauma.

According to the designers of the garden: ‘The visitor is welcomed in a stretch of wood covered with birch trunks. Through a small path he gains access to the garden, which is a triptych of woodland, water and fields covered with wheat and ‘forgotten’ vegetables. Sandbags and trenches are reminiscent of the war.’

‘We took inspiration from aerial photographs of trenches and craters, ... which helped in laying out the concept.  Through video, sound and film we aim to have the visitors reflect on the atrocities and impact of the Great War and war in general and on the healing power of greenery subsequent to all the suffering.’

Ghent Floralies, Flowers and Plants in Dialogue with Unique City Locations,