Remember Passchendaele 1917 - 2017

Project: international commemoration of the Third Battle of Ypres 

Beneficiary: Society Passchendaele Society vzw 

Amount: 140.000 euro

Duration: July 2017 - November 2017

The project is based on the international commemoration of some dramatic historical moments of the Third Battle of Ypres on the particular day (exactly 100 years after the fact), knowingly places (Tyne Cot Cemetery, Crest Farm, Gravenstafel, Belle vue , Polygon Wood, Frezenberg ...) and (representatives of) countries, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany. Attention is paid to the devolved nations Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as the original peoples of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

All nations and peoples who were actively involved in the Battle of Passchendaele, will have a prominent place in 2017 in the commemoration program. As the memorial there are 4 main events followed 10 years ago. The onset of the stroke, followed by the three stages in each of which countries / peoples play a key role. At the beginning, all stakeholders together at Tyne Cot Cemetery, while the commemorations of the stages take place at the historic site of each phase. 

Planned commemorations 

07/12/2017: Official commemoration at Tyne Cot Cemetery - all Commonwealth countries, France and Germany
08/19/2017: Official commemoration on Frezenberg Memorial for Britain
08/19/2017: "Will ye come to Flanders' - UK weekend musical event
08/20/2017: "Will ye come to Flanders' - UK weekend musical event
09/26/2017: Official commemoration for Australia and themed activities
12/10/2017: Official commemoration for New Zealand-themed activities
11/10/2017: Official commemoration for Canada at Crest Farm and themed activities
11/10/2017: Remembrance Concert at the symbolic location, the church of Passchendaele
12/11/2017: Ceremony for Alex Decoteau
12/11/12017: Alex Decoteau in Passchendaele

Passchendaele 2017