Project call: Embedding the International Development Agenda in Flanders 2018

On 16 March 2018, the Government of Flanders approved the reform of the framework decree on development cooperation. The new framework decree makes the broadening of the development cooperation in Flanders possible. The focus will no longer be on educational projects and young people, but on sustainable change processes and on the involvement of various actors. This broadening is necessary for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In June 2018 the Department of Foreign Affairs launched the project call: "Embedding the International Development Agenda in Flanders"This project call has a budget of 1 million euros. 

The projects must meet four substantive priorities:

  • stimulate behavioral and system changes, 
  • be innovative,
  • consist of a multi-actor partnership (at least two partners from different sectors), and
  • have an impact on developing countries. 

In December 2018, 6 projects were selected and received a grant. These are the projects


De Stedenband ontwikkel(d)(t) (THE CITY DEVELOPS)

Org. : Municipality Herent

Objective: Three municipalities work on concrete adjustments at municipal level within the framework of a self-chosen SDG in consultation with a partner municipality in Latin America

Partners: Municipalities Edegem, Brasschaat, Levuur, Cimic

Amount: 177.100 euros


De Vooruitdaging (THE FORWARD challenge)

Org.: Give a Day

Objective: To enable young people to participate and encourage action for social change. In addition, motivating them to stay active in volunteering afterwards.

Partners: VVSG / Comundos

Amount: 179.941,30 euros


Human Rights Due Diligence aanpak bij universitaire instellingen en ziekenhuizen ( a Human Rights Due Diligence approach at university institutions and hospitals)

Org.: University Louvain -  KUL HIVA

Objective: This project hopes to anchor the Human Rights Due Diligence principles in Flanders through an action research project at KU Leuven and UZ Leuven.

Partners: UZ Leuven / The Shift / Rikolto / VLIR-UOS

Amount: 179.520 euros



Org.: Çavaria

Objective: Making companies aware of LGBT rights, a change of mentality within companies to denounce discriminating practices. The SDGs are used as a framework to achieve more inclusion on the work floor.

Partner: FOS / South African LGBT+ Management Forum

Amount: 153.246,5 euros


SPORT AS DEVELOPMENT TOOL: innovative methodology to stimulate policy actions for organizational and system change

Org.: Royal Football Bond of Belgium KBVB

Objective: The Belgian Football association and the football association of Malawi (FAM) want to base their policy on the Agenda 2030 and embed it in the organization and policy processes.

Partners: Route 2030 / FAM (football federation Malawi)

Amount: 173.690 euros



Org.: Catapa

Objective: To make the IT purchasing and processing policy of governments, higher education institutions and companies in Flanders more sustainable.

Partners: Bond Beter Leefmilieu / Ondernemers voor Ondernemers

Amount: 179.850 euros

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