The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) covers a range of areas, including the following, several of which are also important policy areas for the Government of  Flanders: climate, environment, biodiversity, water, ecosystems, industry, innovation, entrepreneurship, science, bio- and nano-technology, education, employment, fisheries, agriculture, governance, and transport.

There are several ways in which the Government of Flanders is associated with the work of the OECD, including participation in (ministerial) meetings, committees or semi-autonomous bodies, and provision of financial support (studies, programmes). In addition, Flanders is involved in Peer Reviews of Flanders/Belgium and other countries.

Cooperation with the OECD is important for Flanders as it represents an important forum for the exchange of information and good policy-making practices. Moreover, OECD studies show increasingly distinct figures for Flanders, which increases Flanders’ level of involvement in the work of the OECD. By cooperating with the OECD, Flanders also has a foot in the door of the G7, G8 and G20.