Northern strategy - Flanders' Focus on the North 2021

As set out in the Flemish Coalition Agreement 2019-2024, the Government of Flanders is emphatically setting its sights on the North. 

It is the ambition of the Government to make Flanders an undisputed reference region in the Europe of the 2020s. Building on the constructive cooperation with the Netherlands, Germany, and the Baltic States, the Government wishes to quickly join forces with the other Northern European countries. Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, all have thriving and innovative economies, a business-friendly investment climate, a strong social protection model and a modern public infrastructure.

Flanders and the Nordic countries share strategic interests and can achieve mutual goals through close cooperation. These interests and objectives are described in this Northern Strategy - Flanders' focus on the North.

The opening in 2021 of a Flemish diplomatic post in Denmark is also part of the strategy. Stationed in Copenhagen, the Flemish Diplomatic Representative will concentrate on shaping and strengthening the relations with the four Nordic countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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