WEF Davos: 'appealing for foreign investors'

  • January 25, 2019

On 22 January Minister-president Bourgeois went to Davos for the World Economic Forum. With magnificent foreign investment figures of 2018, he promoted Flanders during his contacts with CEOs from international companies and organizations. The Minister-president also met the new Prime Minister of Quebec in the Flanders Room. During all the meetings Bourgeois had, WEF’s theme, inclusive globalisation, was discussed.

As in recent years, Minister-President Bourgeois, assisted by FIT and the Department of Foreign Affairs, received many business leaders in the Flanders Room. Of course, the magnificent foreign investment figures of 2018 of Flanders were mentioned. In 2018, the amount of foreign investment in Flanders doubled compared to 2017: from 2.08 billion to 4.24 billion euros. The main sectors where the investment projects took place are production activities, sales & marketing and research & development, each with almost 25% of the number of projects. Especially the increase in research and development is striking.

Minister-president Bourgeois: "Investing in Research & Development is investing in the jobs of tomorrow. With this we lay the foundation for a new generation of Flemish global players in the digital age. Flanders is a European innovation leader. "

Minister-president Bourgeois also met the new Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, in Davos. They discussed the good trade relations between Quebec and Flanders and how CETA, the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada, will improve these.

The theme of the World Economic Forum, inclusive globalization, was also mentioned in many meetings. Even as the topics blue economy, climate, artificial intelligence and sustainability.

Minister-president Bourgeois: "We believe in a free and fair world trade, but it is high time to deliver on inclusive globalization."

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