Tommelein at European summit for energy transition

  • September 18, 2018

Minister Bart Tommelein took part in the Informal Meeting for Energy in Austria on 18 September. He signed the 'Hydrogen Initiative' for our country and advocated better interconnection within Europe.

The theme of the informal meeting was energy transition or the transition from a Europe hooked on fossil fuels to a low-carbon, affordable and reliable energy union.

One of the alternatives fo fossil fuels is hydrogen. Together with a number of European countries and some industrial players, Minister Tommelein signed the Hydrogen Initiative on behalf of our country. The Hydrogen Initiative is a commitment to continue investing in the development of hydrogen and hydrogen applications.

In his speech Minister Tommelein pleaded for an energy transition process that puts the interests of the consumers first, so that they can fully enjoy the benefits. He also drew attention to the fact that each member state has its own character. 'Every country must have enough freedom to decide for itself how it will achieve the European objectives. On the other hand, we must be aware that with the increase of renewable energy, better interconnection in Europe is absolutely crucial.' European Commissioner Miguel Cañete shared this concern and emphasized that good interconnection is also high on the agenda for the European Commission.

The informal meeting took place from 17 to 18 September in Linz, Austria, currently presiding the European Union.

Austrian Presidency of the EU