Strengthening Malawi’s climate resilience with UNDP

  • December 7, 2018

On 7 December the Government of Flanders approved the grant of 2.5 million euros for the UN Development Program for strengthening Malawi's climate resilience. The project will run for four years and specifically targets vulnerable groups in Malawi. The grant is financed by the Flemish Climate Fund.

The UN Development Program (UNDP) coordinates the development and climate efforts of the UN institutions in Malawi. After all, Malawi is very vulnerable to climate change. It experiences difficulties in developing and implementing climate adaptation in development plans. The districts - which have to roll out the concrete climate projects - also suffer from a lack of financial resources and technical capacity.

The supported project therefore focuses on strengthening the capacity of the district councils of Mzimba and Kusunga. But also on improving the climate adaptation capacity of communities and vulnerable households. In other words, the project combines administrative power reinforcement at district level with concrete adaptation measures at local level.

The project is financed by the Flemish Climate Fund and is part of the Flemish commitment for international climate financing (14.5 million euros annually). The support for this UNDP project also fits within the objectives of Flemish development cooperation and is in line with the upcoming Country Strategy Paper Flanders - Malawi 2019-2023.