Special thanks to Secretary-General OECD

  • April 23, 2021

After fifteen years at the head of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), current Secretary-General Gurría will say goodbye to the organization at the end of May. In recognition of his role in favor of the environment, the climate and green growth, the Belgian federal and regional authorities are donating a black pine from Koekelare to the OECD arboretum.

On April 23, the tree was planted in the Jardin du Château de la Muette during a ceremony in the presence of Angel Gurría. The Diplomatic Representative of Flanders at the OECD, Kris Dierckx, also took part.

The black Pinus nigra koekelarensis (black pine from Koekelare) is an endangered tree species that deals with the consequences of climate change in a special way. The tree is also, in collaboration between the competent services in Wallonia (DNF) and Flanders (INBO), the subject of a program of genetic protection and programmed planting in both regions.

With the donation of the special tree, the term of office of Secretary-General Gurría is approaching. Belgian-born Australian, Mathias Cormann, will take over from June 1. The Government of Flanders is looking forward to continuing the constructive cooperation with the OECD.