Parliament approves framework decree for no-deal Brexit

  • March 14, 2019

On 13 March the Flemish Parliament approved the framework decree for a no-deal Brexit. This decree regulates a temporary transitional period, on the condition of reciprocity, for both British and Flemish citizens and companies for adapting to the coming Brexit.

As long as there is no approved agreement between the UK and the EU, the possibility of a no-deal Brexit remains. The current political situation makes this possibility even very realistic. A Brexit without agreement means that from one day to the next, the UK becomes a third country, and that for European, federal and Flemish regulations, the “third country rules” will be applied. This will have serious and negative consequences. For the public interest but also for the private interests of both British and Flemish citizens and companies. Also the administrative file processing will be compromised.

Therefore, Flanders provides a decree that ensures that mitigates the most serious shocks of a no-deal Brexit. The Flemish decree provides - under the condition of reciprocity with the UK - a transitional period until 31 December 2020 that allows citizens, companies and administrations to adapt to the new situation and which allows governments to conclude international agreements or make further agreements. Measures are being taken in the areas of taxation, integration policy, economic migration, social security, education and employment of civil servants.

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