Conference on children’s rights in Budapest

  • November 16, 2018

On 15 November, General Representative David Maenaut organized the fourth annual conference on children’s rights, together with the Hungarian Commissioner for Fundamental Rights and UNICEF's Hungarian National Committee.

General Representative David Maenaut, László Székely, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights and UNICEF President Antónia Mészáros opened the conference. Prof. Eva Lievens (UGent) and Andy Demeulenaere (Knowledge Centre Media Wisdom) participated in the symposium as experts from Flanders.

Together with the Hand in Hand Foundation, the General Representation also organized a conference on the role of care providers for families with a child with disabilities on 16 November. Two experts from MPC Sint-Franciscus and a coordinator from Mediander vzw participated in this symposium.

General Represenation of the Government of Flanders in Hungary