OECD launches Skills Strategy for Flanders

  • January 21, 2019

On 21 January, the OECD presented its Skills Strategy for Flanders in the presence of European Commissioner Thyssen, Minister Crevits and Minister Muyters. The report analyses the Flemish situation on the field of adult education and makes recommendations to achieve a 'learning economy' in which talent is optimally used. 

The report shows that Flanders performs well and above OECD average. However, labour market and technological changes will require strengthening skills use, lifelong/adult learning. The OECD has therefore put forward a number of priorities for Flanders. A learning culture must be developed, for example, by making adult education more accessible and relevant. The education system should also respond better to the changing demand for competences, and according to the OECD, training for job-seekers with much-needed skills should be given priority.

Over a whole year, a team of OECD experts analysed the Flemish policy on lifelong learning for adults. They have entered into dialogue with more than 100 Flemish experts in the field, including social partners, educational institutions, sectors, academics, government employees and other training providers.

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