New cooperation Flanders-Morocco

  • June 4, 2021

On June 4, the Government of Flanders decided to start a new cooperation with Morocco.

In the coalition agreement (2019-2024), the Government of Flanders has indicated its wish to start a new collaboration with one or more countries in North and/or East Africa. In the meantime, the Government of Flanders has decided to cooperate with Morocco on tackling the root causes of migration.

The Government of Flanders will initiate a dialogue on this with the Moroccan authorities. If this dialogue leads to fertile ground for cooperation, Morocco can be included as a partner country of Flanders’ development cooperation.

As a low-middle-income country, Morocco meets the criteria of the Development Cooperation Framework Decree, including a low score on the Human Development Index and progress in the field of human rights.

Choosing the root causes of migration as a current theme allows cooperation in various sectors that fall under the Flemish competences, including climate & energy, employment, education and private sector development (SMEs). In the coming months, a Flemish-Moroccan dialogue will start on a common challenge to focus international cooperation on.

© BELGA PHOTO Nicolas Maeterlinck