New contribution for Flemish ILO trust fund

  • February 7, 2020

On 7 February, the Government of Flanders approved the contribution of 900,000 euros to the Flemish Trust Fund of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Through the Trust Fund Flanders finances projects of the ILO. The Flemish contribution is biennial: the current grant applies for the period 2020 - 2021.

In 1991 the first cooperation between the ILO and the Government of Flanders took place. In 1997 the cooperation was formalized through a cooperation agreement. Four years later the Flemish Trust Fund – IAO was established. A new, updated cooperation agreement was signed in 2016.

For the use of the funds in the Trust Fund, representatives of Flanders and the ILO annually select a number of projects. The focus is thematically on decent work and geographically on Southern Africa. The minister makes the final choice.

Photo: VCT@Work in Mozambique. The VCT@work Initiative aims at informing and testing workers on HIV/AIDS. The aim is to protect workers with HIV and to ensure the equal treatment of all workers regardless of their clinical status. The Government of Flanders supports the project in Mozambique and raises special attention for female and young workers. More information    


General Representation of the Government of Flanders to the United Nations in Geneva