Minister-president presents recovery plan 'Flemish resilience'

  • September 28, 2020

On 28 September, the new political year in the Flemish Parliament was opened by minister-president Jambon with the traditional September declaration.

This year’s declaration was devoted entirely to the recovery plan "Flemish resilience", which should reinforce the prosperity of Flanders and the well-being of the Flemish people after the coronavirus crisis. During this period, Flanders was also confronted with the dependence and vulnerability associated with an open economy.

The recovery plan includes seven ambitions:

  • (Keeping) Flemish healthcare among the best in the world
  • a powerful and efficient government
  • the digital transformation
  • the transition to more sustainability
  • public investments
  • (learning to) live in coronavirus times
  • investing in people and talents

In order to achieve this, the Government of Flanders is freeing up 4.3 billion euros. An investment that will eventually be recovered through economic growth. But for which Flanders is also looking at the European Union.

Minister-president Jambon: 

The investments we will make to rebuild our economy and our society are necessary. We can partly draw on European resources for this. Together with my fellow ministers, we want and demand that Flanders will receive its rightful share of the European money for the reconstruction and revival of our economy. ”

Despite the setbacks in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis, the minister-president spread a message of hope. The recovery of Flanders' society and economy starts today.

 Read the September declaration here (only available in Dutch):

pdf fileSeptemberverklaring Vlaamse Regering 2020 (164 KB)

Photo: Belga