ILO project for sustainable natural stone sector in India

  • September 21, 2018

On 21 September, Minister-president Geert Bourgeois approved the contribution of 340.000 euros for the project "Paving the way for a sustainable natural stone industry in India". This International Labor Organization (ILO) project focuses on improving labor standards in quarries in the Indian province of Rajasthan and making the natural stone sector more sustainable.

In the first place, ILO will work out an action plan for a sustainable natural stone sector in close cooperation with the national government of India and the regional government of Rajasthan, and in consultation with employers and employees' organizations. Also, because a part of the natural stone sold in Flanders is mined in Rajasthan, a dialogue with the Flemish-Dutch initiative for fair natural stone will follow. With this initiative, the actors involved in Flanders and the Netherlands (natural stone sector, employee organizations, NGOs and government) aim to improve the social and environmental conditions in the production countries..

Flemish foreign policy attaches great importance to human rights, including the right to decent work. At the same time, this project focuses on sustainable and ethical international entrepreneurship, which is also an important theme in Flanders' foreign and domestic policy.

The project runs until 2020 and can be extended to other sectors, regions or countries. It’s financed through the Flemish ILO Trust Fund that receives 900.000 euro every two years from the Flemish government.

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