Grant of 200,000 euros for the Dutch Language Union

  • December 1, 2021

Flanders and the Netherlands are geographically, historically, politically and socio-economically close to each other. Also culturally, with 6.5 and 17 million speakers respectively, Dutch forms the seventh largest language group in Europe.

The Dutch language was given an important place in the 2019-2024 Coalition Agreement of the Government of Flanders. That is why Minister-President Jambon decided to free up extra resources to give international Dutch studies more decisiveness.

During the Committee of Ministers of 28 June 2021, the Dutch House of Representatives awarded 400,000 euros and Flanders 200,000 euros according to the traditional funding key. With this one-off project subsidy, the Dutch Language Union will increase the future-proofing of international Dutch studies on the basis of a sustainable impulse trajectory.

Photo: ©Frank Bahnmuller