Government of Flanders extends cooperation with Exchange

  • May 21, 2021

On 21 May, the Government of Flanders decided to extend the covenant with Exchange vzw for the period 2021-2023. As part of this renewed cooperation, Exchange will receive an operating subsidy of 1,765,337 euros, spread over three operating years.

Exchange vzw is a Flemish organization that has been supporting African entrepreneurs through growth programs with the support of Flemish entrepreneurs for almost twenty years. Exchange supports the growth potential of the private sector in Africa and Flanders, in a market economic context. In addition to this exchange of expertise, Exchange specializes in setting up deeper partnerships between African and Flemish companies. This is within the framework of the new paradigm within international cooperation, in which attention is shifting to Shared Value Creation (SVC). It is about equal cooperation based on the complementarity of opportunities and market potential with a win-win outcome. This is currently still in its infancy, but Exchange wants to further shape and develop this form of cooperation during the coming subsidy period via the new Company Partnership Platform (CPP).

Exchange deliberately opts for the private sector. The expansion and strengthening of the private sector ensures economic growth, employment, trade and support for the public sector through valuation. Exchange therefore sees the support of private entrepreneurs as an instrument for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Through the collaboration with Exchange, the Government of Flanders contributes to the creation of prosperity, self-reliance and future prospects in the Flemish partner countries by stimulating economic development there.