Government advances CERF contribution

  • May 29, 2020

The Government of Flanders decided on 29 May to release its annual contribution to CERF early. This in order to meet the extra need for humanitarian aid due to the COVID-19 virus.

The COVID-19 virus has now appeared almost everywhere in the world. It is expected that the world's poorest countries will be severely affected by this deadly virus in the next three to six months. UN OCHA proposed the "Covid-19 Global Humanitarian Response plan" to mitigate these consequences to some extent. The costs are estimated at almost 7 billion dollars. CERF, the United Nations Emergency Relief Fund, immediately released 95 million dollars for this response plan.

Since 2011, Flanders has contributed to this structural emergency aid fund. With the Flemish contribution of 600,000 euros or 40% of the emergency aid budget, the Government of flanders wants to give more substance to an integral emergency aid approach. The financial support of CERF is in line with the principles of "Good Humanitarian Donorship".


Photo: General Representative Yves Wantens (USA) at the CERF Pledging Event on 9 December 2019 in New York.