Foreign Investment Trophy after record year of foreign investments

  • February 11, 2020

Flanders Investment & Trade presented the Foreign Investment Trophies on 11 February. Four international companies with investment projects in Flanders won prizes. With this award ceremony Flanders Investment & Trade underlines the socio-economic importance of foreign investments for Flanders. In 2019, foreign companies invested 5.2 billion euros in Flemish branches and signed for the highest number of new investment projects and extra jobs in the region ever.

Barry Callebaut won the Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy 2020. The Swiss chocolate manufacturer invested 100 million euros in a new global distribution centre in Lokeren. "With this investment Barry Callebaut confirms the strong, logistical assets and strategic location of Flanders", said Minister-president Jambon who presented the award.

The American company Inari received the Newcomer of the Year Trophy 2020. The biotech company recently opened its first Flemish branch: a research centre in Ghent where it collaborates with Flemish knowledge institutions VIB and ILVO on a new generation of seeds and crops.

The American sportswear manufacturer Nike took home the Lifetime Achievement Trophy 2020. And the British chemical company INEOS won the Exceptional Investment Trophy 2020.

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