Federal trainee diplomats visit Department of Chancellery & Foreign Affairs

  • October 15, 2020

On 15 October, the Department of Chancellery & Foreign Affairs welcomed a group of thirty federal trainee diplomats. They are currently in their first year of a two-year training to become a diplomat. Their promotion is called after ‘Jules Bordet’, to honour the  the Belgian founding father of immunology.

Secretary-general Julie Bynens was happy to welcome the group and emphasized the importance of good cooperation between the federal and the Flemish government, with respect for each other's powers and a smooth flow of relevant information. A constructive attitude, here and abroad, will ensure that opportunities can be fully seized in order to create added value for companies, organizations and citizens.

During the day, several topics were addressed, among which Flanders’ development cooperation, Brexit preparations, the Flemish vision on the EU, strategic goods control and migration and integration policy.

Flanders is looking forward to working with this new generation of diplomats and wishes them all the best in their future career!