Export control: challenges for academic research

  • November 21, 2018

On 21 November, the department organized its first seminar on dual-use export control for academic researchers. For this first export control consultation between the government and the academic sector, more than 70 participants attended.

The central topic of the seminar were the challenges  academic research institutions face regarding the control on the export of controlled software and technology, and the possible use or abuse of their research for conventional military purposes or weapons of mass destruction. Discussions were held on current and future export control challenges for individual researchers and knowledge centres. Examples include the feasibility of applying traditional export control to the research community, the interpretation of exemptions for certain types of research, and the issue of government funding for Research & Development that could lead to military applications.

The results of the seminar will provide the Government of Flanders new insights to further refine its export control policy. The results will also be shared with our European and international partners.

Dual-use export control focuses on the control of international trade in civil goods, software or technology that can contribute to the production of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. The dCSG also investigates, among other things, the legitimate end use of such goods, to avoid these dual-use goods from ending up in the wrong hands.