Coproduction agreement signed with France

  • May 23, 2019

On 23 May, Minister Gatz and French Ambassador, Mrs. Arnould, signed the cinematographic co-production agreement between Flanders and France. This agreement replaces the old one, signed in 1962, and modernizes the modalities of an official coproduction.

This modernization was needed. The old agreement, concluded before the federalisation of culture to the communities, deviates strongly from contemporary practices. For example, the required financial contribution from the minority co-producer was 30% of the total production budget, which turned out to be too high for most Flemish producers. The required minimum input from artistic and technical staff was also too high for most Flemish producers. These and other conditions greatly limited the possibilities for Flemish filmmakers to collaborate with the very interesting French film world.

The new agreement must make French-Flemish co-productions attractive again for both parties. Now the minimum financial contribution for the minority partner is reduced to 10% and the recruiting of technical and artistic personnel is less restricted. All film production companies based in France or in Flanders and Brussels can apply as co-producers.