Cooperation with Russia on education, science and culture

  • January 23, 2020

On January 23, Secretary-General Bynens and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Alexander Tokovinin, signed the "Protocol of the Joint Committee on the cooperation in the field of education, science and culture for 2020-2022 between the Flemish Community and the Russian Federation” in Errera in Brussels.

Flanders and Russia can look back on years of fruitful cooperation in the field of education and science. Both parties want to continue this cooperation, including exchange opportunities and scholarships for students and researchers, support for Dutch and Russian studies and a continuation of the agreement between the Flemish Fund for scientific research and the Russian Science Foundation.

Flanders wants to strengthen the ties also through art and culture. A cultural exchange programme will open up a dialogue to share knowledge and exchange views.

Both Secretary-General Bynens and Ambassador Tokovinin underlined the importance of communication and cooperation between Flanders and Russia.

Ambassador Tokovinin: “The signing of this Protocol of cooperation is another manifestation of the robust and dynamic nature of our relations. As we all know, the foundation for cooperation is always formed by human relations and cultural ties, and this is why this Protocol is so important. I am sure that we have all grounds to look with optimism to the future of our cooperation, and I am convinced that the framework we are creating today will further facilitate the enhancing of cultural, educational and scientific ties."