Continued support for CERF

  • December 9, 2019

On 9 December, General Representative Yves Wantens participated in the annual CERF High-Level Pledging Event in New York. He pledged -on behalf of Flanders -  600,000 euros to the UN Central Emergency Response Fund for 2020.

For the tenth year in a row, Flanders is the largest governmental donor beside the UN member states. The Government of Flanders wants to be an example for other governments. "A diverse donor portfolio is of upmost importance to build a one-billion-dollar fund," said Representative Wantens in his speech.

With this contribution, the Government of Flanders also expresses its confidence in CERF and its approach; a structural financial fund for fast response interventions, attention for under-funded crises and this with an efficient and transparent organization.

Representative Wantens: "As effectivity is as important as solidarity, my government was pleased to see the established strong quality of the comprehensive results report or CERF with an evaluation of the added value of CERF, its performance and a clear focus on core themes as displaced people, gender, cash transfers, accountability and participation."


General Represention of the Government of Flanders to the USA

Watch the CERF high-level Pledging Event 2019

Photo (FLTR): deputy general representative Nicolas Polet, General Representative Yves Wantens and policy officer Thomas Droog