Chile becomes acquainted with Flanders’ expertise in elderly care

  • May 21, 2019

From 13 May to 21 May, a delegation from the Department of Welfare, Public Health and Family (WVG) led by Secretary General Karine Moykens, paid a study visit to Chile to focus on elderly care. During the visit, consultation meetings were planned with experts from the Chilean National Service for the Elderly (SENAMA), dementia experts from the Ministry of Health, as well as with the Chilean Centers for Primary Care (CESFAM).

The delegation also made several on-site visits, such as projects on assistance housing. The Department of Welfare, Public Health and Family, in its turn, explained the Flemish Dementia Plan and the Flemish approach and method used to mental health. Like Flanders, Chile suffers from a strongly ageing population and is therefore forced to implement an ageing and welfare state policy. For this reason, Chili is looking at examples of Flanders’ best practices with regard to policy, projects, etc.

The WVG delegation also met with the Belgian ambassador in Chile and the representative of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT).

Shortly after their return, a Chilean delegation will come to Flander on 7 June in order to obtain more information about the policy on persons with people with dementia.

The study visit is part of the renewal of the already excellent political relations between Flanders and Chile.

Left on the picture: Secretary-General Karine Moykens and Administrator-General Dirk Dewolf