National Climate Change Programme

Duration: 2011

Budget: 275.000

With this grant the Government of Flanders seeks to contribute to the Fast Start Financing (FSF) budget which is to enable countries to adapt to the impact of climate change.

Duration and budget

An amount of 275,000 euros was earmarked for this programme on the 2011 budget.

Problem definition

About 98% of the victims of climate disasters live in developing countries. These countries are more sensitive to climate change. Due to their dependency on agriculture and natural resources, they are also more vulnerable.

Practical implementation

The Government of Flanders makes a contribution to the Fast Start Financing (FSF) budget. The objective is to allow developing countries to make a fast start on implementing adaptation and mitigation activities. Mitigation means that actions are taken to reduce climate change. Adaptation refers to the acceptance that climate change is a fact and that we must adapt our lifestyle accordingly. Naturally, these two concepts are closely interrelated. A balance should be struck between contributions to mitigation and contributions to adaptation, with prioritisation of the most vulnerable countries.

This programme does not focus on a specific area of application, but supports the Malawian Government to include, of its own accord, the theme of climate change and integrate it with its development plans in several ways.


UNDP is the coordinating organisation, but several UN organisations also provide technical assistance to the programme. Apart from UNDP, WFP, the World Bank and FAO also play an important role.