Libyan local government representatives learn from Flanders

  • February 10, 2017

On February 8th a three day visit of the Libyan local government representatives to Flanders started. The delegation is in Flanders to expand expertise in the fields of strategic planning, governance, financial management, anti-corruption and transparency. With the organization of this visit the Government of Flanders wants to contribute to Europe’s external policies aimed at creating stability and (re-)building democratic institutions at the external borders of Europe, such as Libya.

Because of the pubic chaos and the insecurity since 2011 almost all governmental institutions disappeared in Libya and the country became more and more an important transit route for illegal migration to Europe.

The visit was organized by the Department of Foreign Affairs at the request of the Committee of the Regions, which has been facilitating cooperation between European governments and Libyan local authorities since 2015. The Committee aims at improving Libyan public services and at the same connecting Libyan authorities and the international community.