Flanders is centrally located in Western Europe and has, as a logistics hub for Europe, a dense network of roads, railways, waterways, ports and airports, which is an undeniable asset for the Flemish economy. Our neighbors play an important role in this strategic position. Logistics with an international dimension, are a crucial part of the Flanders' foreign policy.

It is extremely important for the international competitiveness of the economy and trade that accessibility of the seaports is assured and that the focus remains on smoothing mobility (road, rail, water, air). Major challenges we are are tackling in collaboration with the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia are  the traffic congestion on the roads and the completion of the Iron Rhine for better access to the Dutch and Flemish seaports. In developing and strengthening the inland waterways, the focus is on the Seine-Scheldt connection with France and a lock for improved access to the Ghent-Terneuzen. As are the Westerschelde and the TEN-T projects.

Logistieke draaischijf