Grant to Tradeline Corporation Limited for enhancing capacity for marketing organisations in Malawi, 2018

Project: "Enhancing Capacity for Marketing Organisations"

Begunstigde: Tradeline Corporation Limited

Budget: 1.609.295,45 euro

Periode: 2018 – 2023

With the support of Flanders, Tradeline Corporation wants to empower 30 marketing organisations in Kasungu and Mzimba with business development services, financial services and markets for their competitiveness in the commercial sector.

At the end of the project, companies will be able to independently assume their market function and will have the skills, tools, network and resources to maintain a sustainable trade relationship with small-scale producers on the supply side and large national or regional buyers on the demand side.

TLC started operating in 2009 as Tradeline Enterprise specialised in agricultural commodity trading.

Tradeline Corporation Limited