Grant to the Royal Danish Embassy in Maputo for developing and improving nutritional status in Mozambique

Duration: 2014-2015

Budget: 1.000.000€

Chronic malnutrition is still a major concern in Mozambique. It affects 40% of the children aged under 5. This places a heavy burden on the future development and opportunities of these children.
In 2010 the authorities developed a Multi-sector Action Plan for the Reduction of Chronic Malnutrition (MAPRCM) in Mozambique over a 10-year period.

A four year education and training programme at the Universidade de Lúrio (UniLúrio) for nutrition students is expected to raise both the quality and capacity of the health sector and more specifically of the nutrition (health) sector. UniLúrio is a public institution coming under the Mozambique Ministry for Education.
This programme dovetails with the MAPRCM action plan, which aims to tackle the shortage of 274 nutritionists.

The Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs concluded an agreement for delegated cooperation with the Danish development cooperation sector, which will act as lead donor and monitor the project’s progress as well the communication with UniLúrio.