Grant to the Mikolongwe Veterinary College of Science, 2015

Duration: 2015-2016

Budget: 150.000€

In 2008 the Government of Flanders allocated a grant to Mikolongwe College within the framework of the Support to Agricultural Extension Training and Services Programme. This grant totalled EUR 989,200. The programme was completed in 2013. According to an impact study carried out in late 2013 Flanders’ support helped improve infrastructure and enhanced the technical competencies of the teaching staff. In addition the number of annual student enrolments has increased because of the improved infrastructure. As a result, more veterinary assistants were trained who received better quality training. More and better trained veterinarians help increase productivity in the livestock sector, which causes household incomes to rise and the vulnerability of poor households to decrease.

However, Mikolongwe College receives insufficient funds from the authorities. Subsequently, they are unable to sufficiently meet the needs in the sector and their potential remains largely unused.

This project aims to provide Mikolongwe College with starting capital to support the establishment of the new Mikolongwe Veterinary College Livestock Development Trust (MVLDT) and facilitate the College’s autonomous and sustainable operation.