Grant to the Human Rights Center 'Public Legal Aid' in Belarus (2018)

Project: Providing free legal assistance to citizens

Beneficiary: Viasna Human Rights Center 

Amount: 17.640 euro

Duration: 2018

The Viasna Human Rights Centre based in Belarus aims to strengthen the rule of law in Belarus. The organization aims to provide financial and legal assistance to citizens. Since its establishment in 1998, the centre has provided legal assistance to more than 22.000 citizens and has published more than 20 brochures and books on legal issues. 

The consists of four parts:

  • Providing free legal assistance to vulnerable citizens
  • Inform citizens about human rights and human rights violations through independent media and the internet
  • Participation of the Centre in conferences, seminars and international meetings on human rights in Belarus
  • Informing citizens in an accessible way about their rights and how to defend them