Grant to support policy implementation on the Right to Food in Malawi, 2016

Project: One UN Window for the Right to Food in Malawi

Partner: One UN Fund (managed by United Nations Development Programme)

Grant: 1.250.000 euros

Duration: 2014-2019

Flanders’ support to the Right to Food Window strengthens the role of non-state actors in policy implementation and overcoming policy barriers to the achievement of the right to food in Malawi (in terms of adequate availability, accessibility and adequacy of food). This program therefore facilitates the policy dialogue between government and civil society, it stimulates policy coherence and monitors the follow-up of policy formulation and implementation with regard to the right to food through the support of non-state actors.

The Right to Food Window operates under the One UN Fund, which is managed by the UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office as an administrative entity. The One UN Fund supports, among other things, (1) a joint civil society project under the CISANET Coordination Organization to promote the right to food, (2) promotion of land rights for women and other vulnerable groups (FAO / UN Women / Landnet ) and (3) strengthening the role of the private sector in the realization of the right to food (CSONA / Concern).

Malawi is one of the three partner countries of Flanders in Southern Africa. The Country Strategy Paper 2014-2018 focuses on agriculture and food security.