Grant to South African ‘Departement Environmental Affairs’ (DEA) for the project 'DEA Adaptive Capacity Facility'

Project: 'DEA Adaptive Capacity Facility'

Beneficiary: Departement Environmental Affairs (DEA)

Budget: 3.999.942 euro 

Duration: 2018-2023

The project is coordinated by the South African ‘Departement Environmental Affairs’ (DEA). The department is responsible for the national response to climate change and the transition to green economy.

The project focuses on strengthening the capacity for implementing climate adaptation, developing partnerships, setting up pilot projects and gathering and sharing knowledge. About 60% of the budget will be spent on the financing of the pilot projects.

The primary focus of the Country Strategy Paper 2017-2021 between Flanders and South-Africa is the fight against climate change.

Department Environmental Affairs South Africa