Grant to Royal Windband Ypriana for preproduction work for upcoming concert at 'Royal Edinburgh Tattoo Festival', 2018

Project: Preproduction work of the upcoming concert at the Edinburgh Tattoo Festival and the costs associated with the stay in Edinburgh

Beneficiary: Royal wind band Ypriana 

Budget: 22.500 euro

Duration: 2018

The Royal wind band Ypriana has been a fixed cultural value for more than 80 years when it comes to hafaba music (harmony - brass) and has an international reputation thanks to various concert tours in Hungary, the Czech Republic, France, England and Germany. 

Geert Gombeir, production partner of the band will take charge of the artistic preproduction and the production of the harmony at the Royal Edunburgh Tattoo Festival. The festival is an annual event at which a series of British and international companies give concerts at the Edinburgh Castle. The festival will be broadcast live by the BBC with a reach of more than 300 million viewers from 40 countries. They harmony will perform the Last Post during each performance. 

Royal wind band Ypriana