Grant to Red Cross Flanders for emergency aid Beirut - explosion port, 2020

Beneficiary: Rode Kruis Vlaanderen

Amount: 200.000 euros

Duration: 12 months (august 2020 - 2021)

On 4 August 2020, an explosion occurred in the port area of Beirut, Lebanon. This sent a shock wave through the city, causing more than 200 deaths and 6,000 injured. 300,000 people from Beirut became homeless as a result of the explosion.

The Red Cross Lebanon (RCL) launched an emergency appeal for USD 19 million. The needs range from covering immediate needs such as shelter, basic goods, WASH and food to strengthening emergency medical services, repairing blood transfusion centres, maintaining basic health care and restoring the RCL headquarters.

In line with the Flemish Humanitarian Action policy, the subsidy of 200,000 euros will on the one hand focus on urgent aid, and on the other hand on support for reconstruction and disaster preparedness:

- 60% of the operational budget will be invested in the purchase, transport and distribution of emergency relief goods to the affected population. It is estimated that this will provide direct support to 8,000 households. Priority will be given to the purchase of hygiene kits and food parcels purchased on the local market. 

- 40% of the operational budget will be invested in the repair and purchase of medical equipment that is needed as a matter of priority to guarantee further medical assistance from RCL to the affected population during this crisis.

The project manager of the German Red Cross, on site in Beirut, supported by the M&E experts of both the Lebanese and German Red Cross, will monitor and document the activities. A monthly telephone follow-up is provided by the Red Cross Flanders.

The Flemish emergency aid focuses on the many families who became homeless as a result of the explosion. And specifically on the most vulnerable households: families that cannot rely on support from the Lebanese government or other humanitarian organisations, families without a fixed income, households with persons with disabilities and groups threatened with social exclusion.