Grant to NGO Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation for the development of a prevention programme, 2018

Project: School Prevention Work on internet safety in cooperation with Child Focus

Beneficiary: Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation

Budget: 3.360 euros

Period: 2018 - 2019

The Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation is a Hungarian NGO. Since 1993, Kék Vonal has been running a helpline for children and young people. In addition, Kék Vonal also visits children in school. This programme reaches about 1000 children a year, mainly in and around Budapest.

Kék Vonal has noticed that more and more children, parents and teachers have questions about internet safety (cyberbullying, sexting, online dating, ...) but is currently not able to reach all target groups. Therefore, Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation wants to further develop and expand the School Prevention Programme in cooperation with Child Focus.