Grant to Kunstenpunt for Flemish ensembles taking part in FeMap festival Catalonia, 2018

Project: Participation of Flemish ensembles performing at the FeMAP festival 2019 in Catalonia

Beneficiary: Kunstenpunt

Budget: 70.000 euros

Period: 2019

Pyrenees Early Musical Festival (  FeMAP ) invites Flanders as host for its edition of 2019. Flanders wants to play a connecting role with Catalonia in order to further stimulate and anchor the existing cooperation. That is why both partners have decided to spread the cooperation with Flanders over the festival editions of 2019 and 2020. With this, Flanders hopes to further strengthen and deepen its relations with Catalonia.

The Festival of Ancient Pyrenean Music is the result of the joint efforts of a number of cities in the Catalan Pyrenees to link ancient music to the rich architectural heritage of the Pyrenees, with particular emphasis on the art and architecture of the Romanesque period.