Grant to Ex-Change: Flemish platform for experts (2011)

Project: support to entrepreneurs in the South by making experts available

Beneficiary: Ex-Change

Duration: 2011-2016

Budget: 3.000.000

Ex-Change gives support to entrepreneurs in the South by making experts available to them. During short expertise assignments they provide assistance to SMEs in the South.

Within the framework of the cooperation with the partner countries Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa, the reinforcement of local enterprises, and especially SMEs, is focused on as well. Many small enterprises in the South invest in their own region and create jobs. These companies are also in favour of receiving expert guidance in the field of financial or human resources management, improvements in production processes and quality assurance. Calling on the services of consultants is often not feasible, because this is too expensive. Still, in order to reinforce local SMEs, the provision of technical assistance is of vital importance.

Ex-Change is an independent organisation which, upon request, fosters entrepreneurial talent and sustainable growth in companies in the South which have the potential, but not the required funds for this. The Ex-Change programme is sufficiently diverse to meet miscellaneous requests from partner governments and SMEs in the South, taking into account the expertise which Ex-Change may mobilise through member organisations and independent experts. Ex-Change is an umbrella organisation and counts, amongst others, the following organisations among its members and partners: Boerenbond, Incofin, SCV, UNIZO, VIK, VKW, VOKA, Kauri, Protos and various banks. The concrete activities of the organisation are illustrated on