Grant to BTC for the project “Focussed contribution to the health system strengthening of Mozambique II” (2015)

Project: monitoring management of public finances of the Ministry of Health of Mozambique

Beneficiary: BTC

Duration: 2015-2016

Budget: 449.966 euro

This grant contributes to the realisation of the objectives in the strategy paper Flanders-Mozambique 2011-2015 which focuses on health care. In agreement with the Framework Decree and by extension with the Country Strategy Paper work is done on the transversal theme ‘good governance’ by concentrating on improving governance.

Flanders delivers technical expertise through delegated cooperation with BTC. A financial expert monitors progress in the management of public finances in Mozambique in the working group GTAF (Grupo de Trabalho de Administração e Finanças). The GTAF is the forum where the Administration and Finance Department of the Mozambique Ministry of Health (MISAU/DAF) and the donors examine and discuss the financial management of the health budget.
Delegated cooperation has been opted for. This means that Flanders entrusts the implementation of the activity to another donor. The purpose of delegated cooperation is to realise efficiency gains.