Grant for "Workplace learning for lifelong learning" (2020-2022)

Project: Generating new ideas and policy options to modernize workplace learning to promote lifelong learning.

Beneficiary: International Labor Organization

Amount: 616,000 euros

Duration: 24 months

In a rapidly changing economy and labor market, not only young people, but also adults must continuously retrain or retrain in order to adapt to the changing demand for labor market-oriented skills (skills). The workplace learning system can contribute to a culture of lifelong learning. However, many countries are grappling with numerous challenges to actually put workplace learning into practice. Therefore, this project aims to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of ILO member states, employers and employees to modernize workplace learning. The focus of the project is on adults and their access to and transitions in the labor market. The project also contributes to the ILO's ambition to develop an international working standard around apprenticeships

The research project provides a synthesis report on innovative policy options to modernize workplace learning (with a specific focus on, among others, the inclusion of adults, women and migrant workers, low levels of business participation, and new needs of the digital and green economy). It includes country studies (Finland, South Africa, India) with associated stakeholder workshops. Based on these research results, an "Innovation Boot Camp" will be organized where experts develop a global strategy to modernize workplace learning.