Grant for the World Heritage online map platform, 2021

Project: Building an online map platform for World Heritage sites, as well as collecting and creating digital maps of World Heritage, especially in Europe and North America during this first pilot phase.

Beneficiary: UNESCO

Grant: USD 296,306

Period: 2021 – 2022

The project aims to develop an online map platform for UNESCO. This pilot phase will start with the construction of a Geographical Information System (GIS) and the collection and creation of geological data for the World Heritage sites in Europe and North America. After all, this region already has geo-data available to a greater extent, and has the largest number of World Heritage sites, with all the associated challenges in terms of follow-up and workload, which can greatly facilitate an online map platform. It is extremely useful for all World Heritage stakeholders (Unesco/World Heritage Centre, Member States, experts, advisory bodies, local and regional authorities, companies, etc.) to gain a better understanding of the precise delineation of the location of the World Heritage sites and the buffer zones around it to enable better conservation and follow-up. Map material from nomination files is currently not uniform and sometimes defective. A GIS platform with digital information can offer a solution.