Grant for the reinforcement of the health care sector in Mozambique, 2006

Duration: 2006-2015

Budget: 20.000.000

Through sectoral budget support the Government of Flanders wants to help finance the Mozambican health care sector.

Duration and budget

Since 2006, the Government of Flanders has donated two million euros annually to PROSAUDE, the joint fund for the financing of the health care sector by foreign and international donors. This system is also called SWAp (Sector-Wide Approach). The aid to this joint fund is part of the strategy paper Flanders-Mozambique which is valid from 2011 to 2015.

Problem definition

Mozambique’s public health care sector is in need of reinforcement and expansion, but in order for this to happen, long term structural investments are needed.

Practical implementation

A SWAp is a relatively modern form of cooperation between the government of a donor country and the government of a development partner. The key elements of an efficient SWAp are:

  • a clear sectoral policy with well-defined strategies
  • one programme and one budget, with a clearly specified planning of expenditure (Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF))
  • the government of the recipient country itself assumes the leadership in steering the process
  • a formalised process for the coordination and harmonisation of the reporting, budget, financial management and tenders between donors and the partner government
  • a monitoring system which measures progress and enhances the responsibilities of all the parties involved
  • local capacity building
  • the introduction of institutional reforms

Sectoral programmes are by definition dynamic and because they depend on many internal and external factors, their process may be highly variable. 
A number of success factors are:

  • a strong leadership of the partner government
  • a large consensus between the government and donors in terms of policy and management
  • an acceptable level of macro-economic and political stability

Six priorities were defined for the health care sector:

  • involvement of local communities in the health care theme
  • logistic supply of medicines and other medical goods
  • financial management
  • health information system
  • personnel policy
  • infrastructure


For the implementation of the development plan, Mozambique's Ministry of Health is supported by the following partners: Ireland, DFID (Great Britain), Clinton Foundation, CIDA (Canada), European Commission, DANIDA (Denmark), Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Flanders, World Health Organisation (WHO), etc. The partners and the Mozambican Ministry work together in technical task forces that are headed by the Ministry.