Grant for the Land Observatory of South Africa, 2014

Project: SA Land Observatory, a platform for supporting evidence-based and participatory decision making on land in South Africa

Partner: University of Pretoria

Budget: 406.450 euro

Duration: 01.10.2014 – 31.09.2017

In 1994 South Africa introduced far-reaching and fundamental land and agricultural reforms. After twenty years the time has come to draw lessons from this. However, the country has insufficient data and analyses at its disposal, which in addition are not or hardly available. This information is not only essential for taking underpinned (political) decisions, but is also pertinent to the global context of issues relating to land and agriculture, environment and food security.  

The Pretoria University Land Observatory which is supported by Flanders through this project is an instrument for mapping land-related processes and activities in South Africa. Examples include the right to land, agricultural production and aspects of food security. The Observatory gathers the most prominent analysts and academics who will be responsible for supplying and publicising data, information and analyses. It also supports scientifically underpinned and inclusive decision-making in South Africa.

SA Land Observatory