Grant for the Groutville Community Care Homes in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, 2007

Partner: The province KwaZulu-Natal’s department for housing

Duration: 2007-2011

Budget: 297.188 euro

The project’s goal is to decrease the impact of HIV/AIDS on orphans and on children infected with HIV/AIDS.

The goal of the programme was to provide shelter and care for 120 orphans and children with high risk of an HIV/AIDS infection. Additionally, capacity building of the local community and service providers was also a goal. This way, they would be in a better position to support the children.

Almost all the predetermined goals were reached:

  • the building of 20 nursing homes which meet all the safety rules that are needed to provide shelter for 120 children
  • selecting and training 18 nannies
  • training 39 volunteers
  • organising sensitization campaigns in the surrounding villages

In the meantime, the project was closely followed by a local NGO, in cooperation with the government.