Grant for the Foundation for Human Rights to strengthen civil society in South Africa, 2012

Project: Participation and development of capabilities of civil society in realising socio-economic rights in South Africa

Partner: Foundation for Human Rights

Duration: 30.11.2012 – 29.11.2015 (extended till 31.12.2016)

Budget: 1.285.000 euro

By supporting this programme, Flanders wants to back the South African civil society up in its continued fight against growing socio-economic inequality in South Africa, since not only the government, but civil society as well has an important role to play in this context.

Civil society organisations should be able to make a contribution with regard to policy monitoring and influence, research, the development of innovative proposals or methods and the participation and ownership of target groups. However, it is increasingly difficult for civil society organisations in South Africa to acquire the necessary funds, which makes it harder and harder for them to play their part. In order to foster participation by civil society, Flanders will support the Foundation for Human Rights. This Foundation assists civil society organisations in promoting respect for human rights.

The project is aimed at enhancing democracy in South Africa through the promotion, protection and realisation of constitutional human rights. Five thematic projects were defined:

  • Land tenure and land reform
  • Socio-economic rights and job creation
  • Small-scale agriculture
  • National dialogue on the right to food security
  • Climate change and the role of civil society

Foundation for Human Rights