Grant for the development of an innovative financing model for public procurement in South Africa, 2016

Partner: Government of South Africa - National Treasury with support of the Bertha Centre of the Universiteit of Cape Town

Grant: 1.250.041 euro

Duration: start in 2017 (3,5 years)

The National Treasury of South Africa joins forces with the Bertha Centre of the University of Cape Town to test a new financing model for public contracts. In outcomes-based contracts the government no longer pays for the implementation of activities but only for the actual impact in the field, like for instance the Social Impact Bond. To design a customised model, they set up a pilot project at the national level. The aim is to increase the capacity and knowledge of outcomes-based public contracts in the South African public sector and civil society and among bilateral donors.

South Africa is one of the three partner countries of Flanders in Southern Africa. This project grant falls within the scope of the 2012-2016 Country Strategy Paper which focuses on entrepreneurship and social innovation to reduce poverty and inequality.

National Treasury South Africa

Bertha Centre, University of Cape Town