Grant for the Climate Adaptation Network in South Africa 2014

Project: Strengthening knowledge sharing partnerships for effective adaptation to climatic variability and change in South Africa

Partner: Environmental Monitoring Group

Budget: €420.000

Duration: 01.01.2015 – 31.12.2017

Around the world we are faced with climate change effects, like temperature increases and climate-related disasters like flooding and draught. To address these challenges countries have to adapt, in other words take adaptation measures to deal with these inevitable consequences of climate change.

Although several climate initiatives were set up in South Africa, there seemed to be a great need for a forum to exchange experiences and research. This resulted in the establishment of a national network for climate adaptation, i.e. the Adaptation Network.

This network has now grown into a major platform in the sector. It succeeds in gathering the most important players (both governmental and non-governmental) and makes a vital contribution to climate adaptation in South Africa.

The general goal is to make sure vulnerable communities are successfully adapted to current and future climate changeability and climate change. Additional attention should be devoted to the most vulnerable members of the communities, i.e. women and women-led households.

The Adaptation Network